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  Today’s health challenges are complex and interrelated so care delivery models that use a multi-pronged, collaborative, and technology-enabled approach are more likely to yield positive results. The use of public-private partnerships to remedy the lack of health care infrastructure; the mitigation of access issues through dual systems of public and private health care; the use of technology-enabled, virtual care are potential solutions. Collaborative care models which address behavioral and physical health or programs which address social determinants may improve patient outcomes and lowered costs. Above changes and requirements in health care sector makes it alluring for Management aspirants who are also venturing to explore opportunities in upcoming streams beyond the essential fundamental ones. Management function is one of the most crucial and dynamic functions of any organizations and so are the rewarding careers with MBA in Healthcare & Hospital Management. With the growing demand for specific skill sets in health care and hospital management it is imperative for students professionals who are aspiring to build their careers in Health Care and Hospital Management to pursue this programme. Dr. Vishwanath Karad MIT World Peace University –MBA in Health Care & Hospital Management is one such promising Programme3 to make your dreams into reality. Students will also learn peace as a course for self and society at large framing humanity which is the essential for Health care Management. The MBA programme in Health Care & Hospital Management is a  two-year full time Masters degree in Hospital & Healthcare Management with courses in Pharmaceutical management, Healthcare IT and Healthcare Insurance focuses on equipping students with the knowledge and skills required for the management of healthcare organizations. Be it Hospitals, Pharmaceuticals, IT, Insurance, Clinical research, Equipment, Manufacturing, Public healthcare establishment, Consultancies, NGOs, Wellness industry and others as may evolve. The programme aims at adopting a synergistic blend of academic knowledge and practical intricacies of the field to create professionals adept at identifying practical problems and using time tested and emerging managerial techniques to arrive at the most appropriate solutions. The MIT World Peace University also provide 3 months internship in the last Trimester at its very own -Vishwaraj Hospital at Loni Kalbhor, Pune.

Why to Choose MBA in Health Care & Hospital Management

Health care is growing explosively—and becoming ever more complicated. There’s no shortage of opportunity for new leadership in the industry. But making a meaningful difference takes a lot of fight. Dr. Vishwanath Karad MIT World Peace University –MBA in Health Care & Hospital Management gives you all the tools you’ll need to harness that fight to improve the health care services apparatus, apply practical skills in management to innovate business solutions to larger health care issues, immerse yourself in techniques that will transform the health care ecosystem. Our interdisciplinary approach to health care management combines the latest in medical science, research-grounded innovations in resource allocation, and data analytics with an in-depth investigation of the strategic, political, cultural, and ethical concerns particular to the health care industry. We’ll prepare you to lead. But only if you’ve got the fight in you. Dr. Vishwanath Karad MIT World Peace University –MBA in Health Care & Hospital Management: Teaching Business with Peace & Humanity in mind. MIT World Peace University breaths its core ethos of ‘World Peace’ through value added education. Health care and Hospital management are now effectively being perceived as a tool to attain innovative healthcare development with peace & Humanity objectives at large. MBA in Health Care & Hospital Management can be used as an intervention strategy to improve quality of people’s lives and contributing and learning the best health care management systems and Practices  

Indicators that clearly show Why to study MBA in Health Care & Hospital Management?

  • Rising demand and associated spending are being fueled by an aging population; the growing prevalence of chronic diseases and comorbidities; development of costly clinical innovations; increasing patient awareness, knowledge, and expectations; and continued economic uncertainty despite regional pockets of recovery are just a few of the key issues and trends impacting the global health care sector.
  • The world’s major regions are expected to see health care spending increases ranging from 2.4 percent to 7.5 percent between 2015 and 2020
  • Focus on prevention and the overall holistic health of populations rather than episodic and transaction-based treatments.
  • Numerous countries are moving from a centralized to a more localized health management process to deal with uniquely local demographic, governmental, clinical, and financial factors.
With above indicators MBA in Health Care & Hospital Management has clearly emerged to be a promising career avenue  

Programme Objectives

  • To develop and groom top class healthcare management professionals with in-depth knowledge and expertise suited to the various organizations in the field of healthcare globally.
  • To explore innovations and key concepts in Health care and Hospital management.
  • Explore the healthcare domain as an opportunity for entrepreneurship.
  • To enable students to further develop analytical and decision-making skills and to encourage reflective practice
  • To inculcate essential business & marketing skills blended with specialized knowledge in Health Care & Hospital Management that will prepare learners for career across Health Care sector spread across diverse nations.
  • To aim for holistic development of the students by inculcating business ethics and values with a broader objective of prorogating the cause of world peace.
  • To introduce students to a range of concepts and theories that will enable them to critically analyze Health care organizations contexts and functions at global level.
  • To enable students to recognize, plan and develop appropriate management skills necessary to build a strong benchmark in the health care sector.

Salient Features

  • Unique WPU method comprising
    • Global Leadership Programme-2 Weeks
    • International Exposure-2 to 3 weeks
    • National Study Tour-10 Days
    • World Peace Courses
    • Rural Immersion Programme-1 Week
  • Competency Mapping of every student for better career planning and progression
  • A dedicated last trimester for Industry Internship besides Industry Project as well as Live projects
  • A well-recognized Advisory Board of National and International Experts
  • Mentoring Programme and Unique Progress Assessment tool of ‘Learning Diary’
  • Impeccable career opportunities through Placement support
  • Opportunity to be part of organizing team of 3 mega National Events of MIT Group (BCS,NTC&NWP )

How will this Programme be taught?

MITWPU provides a specialist management programme designed by experienced advisory board. The MBA programme provides the flexibility to allow students to get in depth knowledge in Health Care and Hospital Management. Programme also offers opportunities for work-based research and to undertake a company internship to gain invaluable work experience in the industry.


The Pedagogy will include but not limited to current topics, case studies which have impacted the marketing practices and health care industry, theory and practical teaching which will provide students hands on experience, industry specific visits to Hospitals/ health care sectors . The intensity of the course will educate students on the resilience required to succeed in the health care industry.

Duration of the Programme

2 years Full time


  • A MBA in Health Care and Hospital Management program will provide students a dynamic and engaging course curriculum which will provide an insight to the exciting world of Health Care and Hospital Management
  • Programme will have Trimester Pattern with total 6 trimesters spread over 2 years

Credit System

  • Each Trimester will have Full Credit courses, Half Credit course and specified certifications
  1. Core Courses (100 Marks each): Full Credit Courses
  2. Electives Courses (50 Marks each): Half Credit Courses
Total Programme Credits: 96(All courses + SIP+ Internship + WPU courses)

Programme Structure

Trimester Courses Type of Course (Credits) No of Credits
Trimester I Fundamentals of Health Care Administration Full 3
Hospital Enterprise Management Full 3
Health Care Policies and Regulations Full 3
Quantitative Methods /Techniques for Taking decisions Full 3
Health Care legislation and Medico Legal Issues Half 2
Hospital Engineering Services Half 2
Management of National Health Programs Half 2
Industrial Relations Half 2
World Peace Course- I Half 1
  Total Credits 21
Trimester II Strategic Negotiations and Conflict Management Full   3
Managerial Accounting and Cost Management in Health care Full   3
Management of disease Control, Basic Economics and Health Care Economics Full   3
Strategic management of Health care Organizations Full   3
Human Resource Management & Material Management Half   2
Disaster and Risk Management Half 2
Medical Tourism Half 2
Medical Emergency System Half 2
World Peace Course II Half 1
  Total Credits 21
Trimester III Operation Management, Health Management and information Management in Healthcare Full   3
Administration of Hospital and Health care Planning Full   3
General and Personal Management in Health care Institutions Full   3
Concepts of Epidemiology (Public Health administration), Anatomy, Physiology and Medical Terminology Full   3
Quality Assurance Half 2
IT in Health Care Services Half 2
TQM in Health care Half 2
International Health Services Half 2
World Peace Course III Half 1
  Total Credits 21
Trimester  IV Rural Immersion Full 3
Financial management & Inventory Controls in Hospitals Full 3
Behaviourial Sciences (Leadership and Organizational Behaviour in Hospitals ) Full 3
Organization and Management of Hospitals Full 3
Research Methodology Full 3
Marketing of Health Care services Half 2
Managed Healthcare Half 2
World Peace Course IV Half 1
  Total Credits   20
Trimester  V Summer Internship Project & Report Full 6 Credits
World Peace Course V Half 1
  Total Credits   7
Trimester  VI Industry Internship Full 6 Credits
World Peace Course VI Half 1
  Total Credits   7
  Total Programme Credits: 97 (All courses +Rural Immersion+ SIP+ Internship+ WPU courses)

Guest Lectures

There will be guest lecture from eminent speakers from health care industry who will impart practical knowledge and expertise to the students during their learning process.  

Value Added Certifications

Students will be offered value added certifications like Dale Carnegie, Six Sigma,and Digital Marketing etc. to bolster value addition.

Live Projects 

Each student will work upon at least 1 live project for a specified course. Thus each student will undertake minimum 2 live projects in the entire programme other than Industry Project.  

Summer Internship Projects(SIP)

After the trimester IV, each student will undertake an Industry Project for a period of 60 days with Industry. After completion of Industry Project students will rejoin the programme for Trimester V. Industry Project based report evaluation through a viva voce will be done in Trimester V. Industry Project will be a 2 full credit course of 200 marks. Students would pursue Industry Project in various hospitals.

Industry Internship

After the trimester V, each student will undertake extensive Industry Internship for the entire trimester VI. Students will complete 1200 hours of training ( 6 hours per day*5 days * 4 weeks = 1200 hours) for a duration of one month at Vishwaraj Hospital at Loni Kalbhore , Pune .After successful completion of internship students and certificate the degree will be conferred to the students provided he /she has passed all the courses in all the Trimesters.  

MIT-WPU Method

MIT WPU has its unique, well thought and effective method of Learning and acquiring skills.

Global Leadership Programme

To prepare students for the challenges of the global employment market and to strengthen and develop their broader personal and professional skills, MBA in Health Care and Hospital Management has developed a unique Global Leaders Programme. The objective of the programme, is to provide practical career workshops and experience diverse business cultures. The workshops will be more challenging and rewarding, giving you the opportunity to manage a hospital set up, face challenges and manage people, coach and mentor others, and build on your leadership qualities. Additionally, you will still have the opportunity to visit large multi-national organizations.

University-Institute Collaboration

University Institute collaborations with leading universities in Health Care and Hospital Management in US, Singapore, UK, and Australia etc. Collaborations will include study tours, practical learnings in International hospitals, Innovative practices used, training and understanding operations and logistics surrounding the same.

International Study Tour 

In order to create graduates who are ready to become global leaders, it is vital that they gain the relevant experience on an international stage. The MITWPU Method will give you the opportunity to learn and embrace different cultures from all over the world. You’ll see how businesses operate in different environments and apply the skills you’ve learnt throughout the course in practical international situations. Students will go for International Study tour before Internship / final placement. International Study tour will have approx. duration of approx. 2-3 weeks Each Student during this tour, will gain hands on experience of the planning and organizing of health care management in international health care sectors like US, Singapore, UK, and Australia.

National  Study Tour

Each student will go for National Study Tour. National Study tour will include exposure to top national hospitals in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, and Hyderabad. National Study tour will be of approximately 1 week.


A blend of periodic written assessment and Continuous Assessment will be used for better student engagement and effective evaluation
  • Components of Assessment are suggested as
    • Course Work                                     : 20 % Weight
    • Final Trimester End Written Exam : 30 % Weight
    • Continuous Assessment (by course teacher) : 50 % Weight
  • Continuous Assessment (Concurrent Evaluation): A continuous assessment approach in Trimester system (also known as internal assessment) is spread through the duration of course and is done by the course teachers. The continuous assessment provides a feedback on teaching learning process. The feedback after being analyzed is passed on to the concerned student for implementation and subsequent improvement.
Award of Class/Grading system: The Grading system ensures natural classification in qualitative terms rather than quantitative terms since it expresses a range /band of scores to which a learner belongs such as O, A, B, C, D, E & F.


Students shall get career opportunities across diverse health care sectors at national and international level Employment Areas include:
  • Mental Health Organization
  • Hospitals
  • Academic Institutions
  • Health Insurance Companies
  • Health Agencies
  • Public Health Departments
  • Laboratories & Clinics
  • Hospital Consulting Firms
  • Nursing Homes
  • Pharmaceuticals

Various Jobs  Available for MBA Health Care & Hospital Management 

  • Hospital Planning Adviser
  • Hospital Consultant
  • Hospital Quality Assurance Executives
  • Healthcare Management Executives
  • Associate / Assistant Professor
  • Health administrator
  • Internal Corporate Analyst
  • Health Care Provider
  • Ambulatory Clinic Manager
  • Chief Nursing Officer

List of Recruiters 


Life @ Campus 

  • The vibrant University
  • Well-equipped state of the art Classroom
  • Auditorium
  • Accommodation facilities
  • State of Art Infrastructure
  • Student Support
  • Social Media Hub
  • Working Here

Programme Intake 

60 (48 Domestic+12 seats International Students)


Graduate of a Statutory University with 50% marks (45% for SC/ST) at graduation level. Candidates passing degree examination by part-time / correspondence / external course / distance learning or in one sitting are not eligible. Note: Candidates appearing for Final year bachelor’s degree examinations may apply but their admission will be subject to obtaining a minimum of 50% marks (45% for SC/ST).          
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