About Us

MAEER’S Maharashtra Institute of Technology (MIT), established in 1983, is today amongst the top education institutions in India.

With its stellar reputation for academic excellence and placements, MIT Pune is now MIT World Peace University, established under Govt. of Maharashtra Act No. XXXV 2017 and recognized by UGC

With the sole objective of meeting the long felt need of a centre of scientific and educational research, which would meet the challenges of the present and the future technical advancements of the fast changing world, MIT Group of Institutions was established as a society and charitable trust. Since then, the MIT Group of Institutions have grown leaps and bounds and has made a strong impact in the field of education throughout the country.

With more than 10 campuses in the state of Maharashtra covering almost 1000 acres of area, the MIT Group provides education in the fields of Engineering, Medicine, Pharmacy, Marine Engineering, Insurance, Distance Education, Telecom Management, Lighting, Design, Food & Technology, Retail Management, Business Administration, Political Leadership & Governance and also School Education.  At any given point of time, more than 50,000 students are pursuing various courses all over 65+ institutes of MIT Group of Institutions.

Start your journey of life transformation with MIT-WPU.

Our Vision & Mission

MIT Group believes in developing the overall personality of its students in order to create future responsible global citizens. Hence, imparting training is done based on the five principles of the MIT’s holistic development policy –
1.      To develop a spirit of inquiry and achieve Academic Excellence
2.      To inculcate a sense of discipline and character
3.      To develop a spirit of Social Commitment.
4.      To promote a Culture of Peace in the society.
5.      To build a strong Industry – Institute Interface.

MIT has traversed the path of rapid development in education, along with the nation, often responding positively to changing needs and at times initiating significant changes. We have evolved in twenty-six years by overcoming tough hurdles set more by limitations of thinking in that era, rather than lack of ability, to arrive at a point where we can explore the vastness of knowledge and possibilities on the global canvas. At MAEER’s MIT, it’s never about which of our institutes you choose to study in, it is more about how and where you reach in life thereafter.

Founder’s Message

The foundation of MAEER’s MIT Group of Institutions rests firmly on the philosophy espoused by the great noble son of India, Swami Vivekananda who said: “The union of Science and Religion / Spirituality alone will bring peace to the mankind”.

We aim to provide the finest motivating & inspiring environment to our students for learning, teaching, research, innovation and character building to help them become “physically strong, mentally alert, intellectually sharp and spiritually elevated” and thereby turn into “winning personalities”.

At MAEER’s MIT Group of Institutions, we are blessed to have eminent scientists, engineers and technologists like Dr. R. A. Mashelkar and Dr. Vijay P. Bhatkar among others as our advisers.

In keeping with the Vision and Mission of MAEER, the various institutes under its aegis have taken long strides. The journey is a continuous one, with students joining the “caravan”, traveling along and then parting when their goals are accomplished.

We invite you too, to join this caravan and leap-off when you have bloomed into holistic and technically equipped human beings ready to face the world. You too shall leave your footprints behind as much as MAEER will leave an indelible impression on your minds. You will always be proud of being an ‘MITian’ and will surely go on to make your mark in the world.

Prof. Dr. Vishwanath D. Karad
Founder & Managing Trustee
Maharashtra Academy of Engineering and Educational Research (MAEER), Pune

Executive President’s Message

Welcome to a bright & prosperous future. By deciding to join the hallowed corridors of MIT Group of Institutions. You have indeed made the right choice. Founded in 1983 under the able leadership of Prof. Dr. Vishwanath D. Karad, to meet the need for a holistic institution, the Group has grown to over 63 educational institutions, wherein more than 54,000 students are shaping their careers in various disciplines right from Primary Education to Post Graduate Programmes in varied fields.

The Group has been bestowed with the prestigious honor of the UNESCO Chair for Human Rights, Democracy, Peace & Tolerance’* in recognition of its World Peace Centre located in the Alandi campus. Studying in our institutions will surely prove to be an enriching experience, being surrounded with a constantly conducive learning environment in the lap of greenery.

MIT Group of Institutions provide the latest state-of-art infrastructural facilities by way of smart classrooms, libraries, laboratories, equipment, machinery, computers, software, Internet centers and of course, the best faculty. It is for each one of you as to how much advantage you take of all these state-of-the-art facilities and carve out a dazzling career; At MIT, the sky is the limit. You should be ready to soar.

We have always closely worked with industry & corporates and therefore offer our students close interactions with them in the form of in-plant, on-site training. This helps provide you with the right kind of exposure in your chosen professional field. The interactions include field visits to and internships with corporates, industries, construction sites, gram panchayats, state legislative assemblies, television channels, radio stations, political party offices, among others as the case may be and the course you have chosen to pursue with us. Experts thought leaders & captains of the industry & corporates regularly visit as guest faculty offering industry sponsored projects, in-plant training, and so on. All the institutions have well-established training & placement cells, which provide on-campus recruitment facilities.

An important aspect of MAEER’s MIT Group of Institutions is zero-tolerance towards indiscipline. We insist and enforce a high level of attendance. The students are required to wear the prescribed college uniform for two days in a week and on the other days, a decent dress code is prescribed. Smoking is totally prohibited on the campus and the students are encouraged to follow it even outside the campus where you continue to represent MIT Group of Institutions.

All the sports facilities including gyms with latest equipment are available on the campus. The students of our institutes have been able to perform extremely well in various sports and games at the University, State and National levels. The institutes also encourage the students to participate in cultural activities, including theatre, dance, music, elocution / debating competitions among others. All these activities help in building a holistic personality of a student and be a leader in his / her future pursuits.

Prof. Rahul V. Karad
Executive President
Maharashtra Academy of Engineering and Educational Research (MAEER), Pune

MIT-WPU Method

Under the Guidance of

Dr. R.A. Mashelkar

National Research Professor,
Eminent Scientist
Chairman, Governing Council, MITSOG

Dr. Vijay Bhatkar

Chancellor, Nalanda University
Eminent Computer Scientist

Mr. Nanik K. Rupani

Roopmeck Electricals Pvt. Ltd. & Chairman Emeritus,
Priyadarshni Academy


Mr. Anand Sudarshan

Founder & Director of Sylvant Advisors Pvt. Ltd.
Vice-Chairman of EDGE’s Vision Group.
Member of CII’s & FICCI’s National Committees on Education

Dr. V. G. Narayanan

Sr. Management Faculty,
Harvard Business School
Ph. D in Business & MA in Economics,
Stanford University

Dr. K. E. Seetharam

Founding Director,
Global Asia Institute,
Senior Engineering Faculty
at National University of Singapore ent Computer Scientist

Dr. Roshanlal Raina

Vice Chancellor,
Lakshmipat University,
Professor in ‘Communication’
Indian Institute of Management,
Lucknow (IIML)